Areas of training (specialties) (for graduate departments):


Knowledge field: 15 Automation and instrumentation

Specialty: 151 Automation and computer integrated technologies

Specialization: « Computer-integrated technological processes and productions» Qualifications:

Bachelor - Computer systems engineer

Master’s degreeResearch fellow (transport)


In accordance with the curriculum of bachelor degree, students, in addition to the higher school disciplines, study such disciplines:

- Computer technology and programming;

- Electronics and circuit technique;

- Metrology, technological measurements and devices;

- Automatic control theory;

- Automation systems designing;

- Nanotechnology in computer-integrated systems;

- Automation of technological processes and production, as well as selective discipline.


Aviation specifics of the University is reflected in the following disciplines:

- Aircraft instruments and on-board information system;

- Fundamentals of automated control of aircrafts movement;

- Flight complexes.


As part of masters training students are studying such subjects:

- Fundamentals of scientific researches;

- Mathematical methods of modeling and optimization the systems and processes;

- Applied identification theory, as well as a number of selected disciplines.


In the cycle of professional training, students study:

- Algorithmic and information support of computer-integrated systems;

- System of aircraft active control;

- Flight-navigation complexes of aircrafts.


Department of aviation computer integrated complexes, historically, provides the training of specialists in flight-navigation (computer-integrated) systems and on-board automated control systems. The specialties aviation profile, on which the specialists training is carried out, remains at present. The department graduates on specialty “Automation and computer integrated technologies” are in demand at many Ukrainian aviation infrastructure enterprises, starting with the development, production, research and service onboard computer-integrated complexes, and ending with the airports automated service. Graduates of the department are in demand at such Kyiv enterprises as: Antonov ASTC, Arsenal, Artem factory, DKKB “Luch”, Petrovsky automation factory, as well as at the Kyiv airports.

Specialists who have received the knowledge and skills in this specialty in accordance with the concept of dual use and development of the security and defense sector of Ukraine (Presidential Decree of March 14, 2016, No. 92/2016) may carry out the duties of engineers for servicing navigational complexes in aviation and missile-space military units, to upgrade and modernize the fleet of combat aircraft, to ensure the commissioning of aviation multipurpose aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles systems taking into account the requirements of international standards.

And as specialists in computer systems are in wide demand in many branches of the national economy.