Students scientific-research work at the department is organized according to the main scientific directions, proposed by teachers. The department’s material and technical base, computers, software application packages, Internet network, teachers scientific developments, library educational and scientific departments are involved in the work.

     The Department has student groups such as: "Power plant for the weak winds and sun energy use" under the professor Sineglazov V.М. direction, " Control and navigation systems" under the professor Filiashkin M. K. direction, "Visual pattern recognition systems in the computer vision" under the docent Mukhina M. P. direction, "Complex systems software simulation" under the docent Yurchenko O.S. direction, "Microprocessor systems" under the senior teacher Krenetsky M. I. direction, and others. The most significant results of student works are presented at student scientific conferences, conferences of young scientists of the University with the publication of abstracts. According to the results of the X international scientific-practical conference of young scientists and students "Flight, modern problems of science", which held on 7-9 of April 2010, there were  published 18 papers, among which there are following Department’s students works:

Yaremenko O. G., "An encrypting text data method";

Boychenko M. S., "Research of the aircraft center of mass location influence and its dynamic characteristics";

Krupa S. V., "Methods for stabilizing the vision field of observation devices»;

Saadatfar S., "Autonomous navigation complex»;

Aliev, A. S. Smirnov, I. D., "Inertial-satellite microelectronics-mechanical gyrovertical";.

Bagranovska N.Yu., «Program complex of detecting the contours of visual objects in SLAM problems».

Gusyatnikova I.V. «Mathematical modelling of road traffic».

Sintia Ligaga, «Gas dynamic method of landing of unmanned aerial vehicle».

Dolhorukov S. O., Roman B. V., «FPGA programming using software XILINX ISE 9.2».

Volkova A.F., «Gromova O.O., «Control system of helicopter type UAV».


According to the results of the ХІ X international scientific-practical conference of young scientists and students "Flight, modern problems of science", which held on 6-7 of April 2011, there were  published 24 reports theses, among which there are following Department’s students works:

Pakhomov S. V., "Aircraft automatic control closed systems configuring circuits research”;

Nogai P.O., "A real-time auto-tracking system development”;

Semeniuk Y. F., "Given echelon height optimal range automatic control system”;

Evseeva V. O., “Sensors calibration for a strapdown inertial navigation system”;

Andriychuk N.O., “Graphic editor gdi+”;

Hromova O.O., “Security of mobile computers in wireless network”;

Kostur P.P., “Application of fibre optical gyroscopes on modern aircrafts”;

Seden I.V., Rybak N.P., “Image segmentation”.

Turenko D.M., “3-D image construction”.

Askerov R.Sh., “Avionics full duplex switched Ethernet”.

     The student works results are also presented at exhibitions and student scientific works competitions. In 2010, such students took part in he competition of trade unions: Yukhimuk A..N., Pakhomov S. V., Yaremenko O. G., Kurdelchuk T. P., Shvets, O. S., Papkov K. Yu., Dolgorukov S. O., Roman B.V., Avdeev Yu.I., Vasishin A.D., Chmut I.O., Shkolny V.O., Protsko AA, Zhuravel O O., Kalyuzhny D. V., Natalich V. M., Bagranovskaya N. Yu., Huseatnikova IV, Yeremenko I. D., Goncharov O. V. In 2011, in the competition name by Pinchuk, Kyiv, was participated Aliyev A. Sh. In the competition of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Kyiv, participated Yukhymuk A. M. and Hadanovich V. O. In the contest of the National Academy of Sciencesб participated Yaremenko A. G., Romanovich N.U. and Yeremenko I.D. During 2005-2010б at the department of Aviation Computer Integrated Complexes there was created logistical base for research and practical training of students. The scientific students research works results are used in the formulation of laboratory works, course and diploma projects, and also are used in research projects, carried out in the department. In particular when performing НДР № 598 ДБ-09 "Methods of integrated information system creation for small aircraft, based on nanotechnology strapdown inertial navigation system" students of the specialty 8.092502/8.05020202 "Computer-integrated technological processes and production" were involved.