Student government

      The National aviation University Institute of information and diagnostichna systems student Council is the student government, designed to carry out the students social activities on University management functions implementation is determined by the Charter of NAU and implemented by students in accordance with the aim and objective of student groups.

The main purpose of Student Council is:

  1. Ensuring that students fulfill their duties and protect their rights.
  2. Promote student’s personality harmonious development, the formation of his future skills as an organizer, leader.
  3. Educational process, education spirituality quality and students culture improvemen, increase students ' social activity and responsibility for assigned work.

Student Council’s task:

- corporate culture, pride in their educational institution promotion and development;

- organization of cooperation with students from other higher educational institutions and youth organizations, including foreign and international;

- team leaders work coordination, compliance with the educational and labor discipline monitoring, rapid response to violations;

- students work with teachers, mentors academic groups (supervisors) and departments, deans of faculties coordination;

- institutes and faculties student councils activity coordination;

- to inform students about University, Academic Council and other administrations decisions;

- the promotion and protection of rights and interests of students;

- students ' responsibilities enforcement;

- students ' national consciousness, dignity and self-respect formation.


The Student Council has departments:

- cultural and sports department, which is engaged in sports and health work, realize sports competitions in traditional sports, organizes events aimed at the public culture among students development;

- information and social department, which provides the information distribution and maximum access to it, determines the students problems through a survey and questionnaire, and contributes to the further inclusion of these issues and themes in the projects reviewed;

- the educational Department organizes competitions in intellectual games, helps to attract students to scientific work and organizes events aimed at the moral and ethical principles development .


      For the period 2010 – 2011 school year, the IACS Student Council was an active participant and organizer of many events, including:

- traditional competitions on mini-football on the playground between hostels, competitions between first-year teams and hostel teams;

- a flash mob to the feast "We are for Peace"’

- together with TOSA there were held " Minuses Dedication" and "First-year student debut", the events are intended for acquaintance of the first-year students among themselves, showing the situations that can happen on the student's path and to learn how to find out from these situations;

- attracting the students to test the NSC “Olimpiyskiy” readiness;

- together with the hostel student council and the TOSA it was organized the celebration of Halloween in costumes, with carved into a pumpkin with eyes and a candle that burns;

- "Make administration laughing" - the event was organized together with TOSA and the hostel student Council; the teams that participated in the contest, were talking about things that bother them, sort of a mini-KVN;

- participation in the Youth Innovation Forum, devoted to the students International day;

- students involvement in the Club of successful young people for the public culture formation and the moral and ethical principles development;

- action to "Day against AIDS", aimed at prevention of HIV among young people;

- "Masks-show" contest. dedicated to the new year holiday;

- action "Charity fair" to help the children's home "Berezka" on the St. Nicholas Day;

- culinary competition " Salad country " on the Day of Tatiana together with the hostel Student Council and TOSA;

- to the "Valentine's Day" there was a festive evening with the marriages registration and certificates issuance;

- the culinary contest "Canapka" was held on International Women's Day; the teams came up with a name for their team, the name of the ladder, were prepared directly in front of the jury and represented the appearance of a canopy with small scenes;

- ogether with the hostel Student Council students participated in the All-Ukrainian Subbornik;


Institute of aerospace control systems students, participated in projects:

- Mr. NAU

- Chess tournament

- Studspring (Studvesna)

- Football tournament

- Subborniks

- Running under the chestnuts


      The Institute team became the winner of the "March sprouts". The Institute academic group took the third place in the competition "the Best academic group". The student Council organized a funds collection for the University students treatment, who is suffering from cancer. The most active Student Council members, excellent students of the Institute have received the Rector's Acknowledgments.