ACIC department’s research developments abroad internships and international relations

                 Renewable energy sources

                 At the Department of Aviation Computer Integrated Systems, there is an active scientific work on the renewable energy sources development, in particular, the development of vertical axial wind power plants with combined rotors for efficient operation in weak winds, the construction of solar power plants with a rotating platform, the development of algorithms for finding the point maximum power for solar panels, research and development of hybrid wind power plants. It has been developed test system for studying the characteristics of the combined rotors in the wind tunnel. Scientists of the Department have built an experimental solar power plant with twocoordinate turntable on the academic building № 5 roof.

                 Head of Department, Viktor Mikhailovich Sineglazov, head of the Committee of the National aviation University on energy efficiency, in the framework of which scientific and technical cooperation with the Kyiv city state administration and the administration of Solomenskiy district is carried out.

Combo rotor of a three-blade Darrieus rotor and three-bladed Savonius rotor

Combined with a two-lobed rotor the Darrieus rotor and two-bladed Savonius rotor, mounted on a measuring complex

Solar power plant with twocoordinate turntable

Stationary solar power plant

Abroad internships

         Department of Aviation computer integrated complexes students have the opportunity to undergo studiing at a number of international programs. In particular, Сanada's Mitacs Globalink Research Internship Program for Ukraine, The Wells Mountain Foundation scholarship program, Tallinn University Of Technology Scholarships, Masdar Institute Scholarships, Esmt berlin Scholarships, etc.

          Under these programs students have the opportunity to participate in international research projects, receive scholarships to study in European countries and the Middle East.

International relations

        The Department takes active participation in international programs Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 in the fields of education and science, cooperates with the Mining and Metallurgical Academy in Cracow (Poland) and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania,). On the department basis there are international scientific and technical conferences sections of IEEE.

          The Department entered into agreements with foreign partner universities by the Department profile:

– Barcelona Autonomous University;

– Cartagena Technical University.