English speaking project at the ACIC department

         The development of English language learning in the field of aviation promotes usage of modern aircraft, produced by companies such as Boeing and Airbus, for flights, operated by Ukrainian airlines. As all technical documentation for these aircrafts is printed in English, and internships for Ukrainian specialists of the aviation industry is in English too, thid language in-depth study is the urgent need. On the other hand, the success of Ukrainian aircraft at the Le Bourget air show (France, 2007). did an actual release of these aircraft to international airlines and a professional popularization of domestic aircraft engineering achievements. Of course, this requires training of specialists with profound knowledge of the English language that are capable to its free use in both professional and personal plane.

      Integration into the European educational space has become the main priority of the domestic University system in recent years. Recognized experience in the international relations field of has made NAU a leading гniversity in Ukraine by implementation the requirements and standards of the Bologna system, which aims the creation of a single European educational space. Since 2005, it has been introduced in university the credit-modular system for construction disciplines, which structural fully complies the European standards. Since the high level of academic mobility(the possibility of internships or further education in any foreign University) is an European University education system characteristic feature, English-language learning becomes a kind of launching pad for such exchanges. Accordingly, students and teachers of English groups are the main contenders to participate in these important and promising programmes.

      Orientation to the most advanced scientific-technological achievements and modern educational technologies – the characteristic principle of educational process construction at NAU, which has become an integral part of our University traditions. In this regard, attention to the study the foreign languages and study in foreign languages is quite organic. Evidence is five foreign languages departments that exist in the University today. But foreign language is only one of the modern educational process essential components. The language always serves for something - in our case, in order to intensify scientific and technical cooperation and dialogue with foreign colleagues, in order to ensure timely access to their latest developments, for opportunities to internship in leading universities all over the world. We can confidently assert that NAU on these indicators is one of the leading universities in the former Soviet Union. Our teachers and students actively cooperate with universities of Netherlands, France, South Korea and China, USA and Russia, the UK and Sweden. Dozens of students are trained each year abroad and participate in international conferences, seminars and symposia.

      During the Center for English-language Education’s work, there is a tendency to increase the number of students studying in English. This is quite natural, because fluency in the English language significantly increases the demand for specialist both in the domestic and global labor markets. Graduates of English-language bachelor's and master's programs at our university felt it for themselves - after all, a foreign language, coupled with high-quality professional studiing, is the key to life success anywhere - in Ukraine and Russia, China and France, United States and United Kingdom.