In 1965 in was opened the faculty of automation and processing systems, where in 1966 was opened the department of onboard control systems and autopilots. The first head of department was Ph. D. in technical Sciences Smenkovsky E. G. The creating of department was a challenge to prepare specialists from automated control systems that was widely used in civil aviations. From 1971 to 1976 the departament was headed by proffessor Bayborodin Y.V. In 1976 the faculty was reorganized and department was merged to department of aviation equipment and automates on electrotechnical faculty.

      In 1978 the university president stated to create new department of automated onboard control systems - AOCS, the head of that department became professor Tunic А.А.Aviational equipment had being developed and in response to that was imply of new specializations, that caused following change of faculty name – the faculty of aviation equipment, department had created new subjects on navigation-piloting complexes, that is why the name of departamnet changed on "Automated control systems and navigation-piloting complexes" – ACS and NPC .
      In 1999 the head of department becam PH. D. Academian of Control and navigation sciences Academy. Professor Synehlazov V.М. Life gave new tasks in the fields of aviation equipment improvement, one of them is implementation of digital processing complexes. The department has specialization in "Design Automation, manufacturing and testing of aviation equipment ", new problems and subjects occurred. The department had “ЕОМ СМ-1420”, but it was not enough. In the 1993 department got first PC, and in 1996 was created first computer class on department. From 2000 department got new name - "Computer Integrated complexes" .