After completing the study of special disciplines, students pass practice at the aerospace industry and the military-industrial complex of Ukraine enterprises, that is in enterprises with modern high-tech level of production, SE "PA Kievpribor", Scientific industrial complex "Kyiv automatic plant named after. G. I. Petrovskogo", Kyiv state design Bureau "Luch", "Antonov", etc. where the department has its branches.



    In 2012 the state enterprise production association "Kievpribor" celebrated 65 years since its founding and 50 years of instrumentation for the space industry. In this period the company took an active part in implementation the programmes such as "Cosmos", "Intercosmos", "Soyuz-Progress", "Peace", "Energy-Buran", "Zip", "Messenger", "proton", "Zenit", "Sich", ISS and other. On January 12, 2012, at the enterprise on the 105th anniversary of the birth of S. P. Korolev, a memorial complex named after him was opened.

In the distant 1963 year, chief designer and prominent organizer of the rocket and space industry S. P. Korolev turned his attention to the Kiev instrument-making enterprises. S. P. Korolev’s companion Boris Ovsiyovych Chertok wrote in his book "Rockets and people" about this: « Korolev has encouraged the expansion of production base... Korolev flew to Kyiv with me... After prolonged wanderings along the Kiev corridors of power, tedious meetings, we flew to Moscow, having obtained the consent to use the two factories: Kyiv radio factory and “Kyivpribor”. Both of these factories subsequently took a leading role in the production of complex radio-electronic equipment for rocket and space technology».

Currently, the company produces a control system devices for onboard equipment of spacecrafts "Soyuz-TMA”, “Progress-TM”, participates in international space projects "Sea launch" "Land launch", developed, manufactured and delivered the equipment for the automatic preparation and launch of carrier rocket "Cyclone-4" for the Alcantara Spaceport in Brazil.

Simultaneously with the equipment for space applications manufacturing, SE "Kievpribor" recently took the leading position in the devices for electricity production. Microprocessor protection devices of МРЗС-05 series, manufactured by the company, provide integrated protection of electric substations of 35/10 / 6кV; protection are designed for 110 / 150кV. In devices of МРЗС-05 there areimplemented their own original design and software solutions, modern technologies and the newest element base of the world famous manufacturers are used.

SE "Kievpribor"’s products customers are powergenerating companies, all Ukrainian region power comnies the leading enterprises of different sectors of the economy, such as "MMK im. Ilyich", "Arcelor Mittal Krivoy Rog", "MK im. Petrovsky", "Yenakiievo’s MF", " NZF "," Pobuzhsky ferronickel "," KPMK "," Northern GOK "," EastGZK "," OrGGOK "," Polt GOK "," Volnogorsk MMC "," Ukrenergovolgorol "," Ukrzaliznytsya ", "Nasha Ryaba" and many others.

SE "Kievpribor" "Kievpribor" is a regular participant in specialized energy exhibitions, including international ones. Products quality and reliability level is highly appreciated by the marks "Gold Trademark" and "For Excellent Product Quality" in Ukraine, as well as the "Gold Medal" by the Association for the Promotion of Industry and Trade of the Republic of France.

SE "Kievpribor" combines the high reliability devices with their low cost, while ensuring the lifelong maintenance of all sold devices.




    OJSC "NPC" Kyiv Automation Plant named after G.I. Petrovsky” is an instrument-making enterprise in the field of precision gyroscopic technology.

The plant, with the Special design Bureau within its structure, represents a single design-technological and production complex and has a high level of equipment for the production of Electromechanical devices and control systems, torpedo and missile weapons, armored vehicles, spacecraft, and marine navigation systems.

In the former Soviet Union the factory was the only enterprise in the development and production of control devices of the mine and torpedo weapons and missile-torpedo complexes.

Together with the main institutes of the relevant industries, the plant was, along with other enterprises, a pioneer in the creation of command control units for the first intercontinental ballistic missiles, the manufacture of navigational complexes of atomic submarines, float gyroscopes for navigation systems of ships and ships, and developed and produced control systems and orientation spacecraft (CA), issued command unit for sea-based missiles, and others.

To ensure the production of the instrument special complexes there have been mastered the technology of manufacturing pneumo-mechanical, electromechanical and float garrow, granaturov, sensors of the angles and moments temperedly devices, electronic devices and converters, secondary power sources, actuators, etc.

In the current economic conditions, the plant team focuses on current and priority interests of Ukraine manufactures equipment for automation of the gas industrial complex, equipment for food and processing industry.



      Currently, the SE "State Kyiv design Bureau" Luch" is the main enterprise for developing the fundamentally new for Ukraine military technology. The developed by SE "SKDB" Luch" complex program for the creation of this technique, which involves more than 30 enterprises of Ukraine, was approved. Products, developed under this program, are included in the category of priority.

Among the products manufactured:

- shots with anti-tank guided missiles "Stugna" and "Kombat intended for firing from the gun МТ-12 or tanks of various modifications;

portable antitank missile system "SKIF", capable of hitting from the closed position the fixed and movable modern purpose;

- mobile anti-tank missile system "Barrier" is installed on the turret of a combat vehicle type ACI (APCS) and the helicopter version of “Barrier-B”;

- unmanaged and adjustable aircraft missiles to equip aircraft and helicopters.

Along with the creation of new models of military equipment, using the experience and advanced technology, in SE "SKDB" Luch"there is developed a series of medical equipment, appliances and devices, more than 20 types of consumer goods.

Main activities

Search, research and development work on creation:

- anti-tank guided missiles;

- missile complexes of ground, air and sea basing;

- aviation guided missiles;

- anti-aircraft guided missiles;

- mine-torpedo weapons;

- missiles control systems and other guided weapons;

- anti-tank missile systems simulators;

- antitank missile complexes telemetry systems.

Production in a closed cycle in cooperation with Ukrainian companies:

- anti-tank guided missiles;

- anti-tank missile systems;

- a naval missile guided complexes weapon;

- automated control and diagnosis of guided weapons systems;

- electrical steering drives blocks for the aviation, anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, naval torpedoes;

- anti-tank missile systems simulators;

- telemetry systems of antitank missile systems.

Resource modernization, repair and life extension:

- automated control and guided defeat means diagnosing systems ;

- aviation, anti-aircraft, anti-tank guided missiles and mine-torpedo armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Scientific and technical support and participation in normative-technical documentation creation at the guided weapons development, operation, modernization and utilization stages.



       Aviation scientific-technical complex, named after Antonov, was founded in 1946 as experimental design bureau (ОКБ-153) at the Novosibirsk aviation plant by the prominent aircraft designer Oleg Antonov. Bureau moved to Kiev in the summer of 1952.

On SE Antomov, the full cycle of creation of a modern aircraft is realized. A qualified team, a design bureau, a complex of laboratories, an experimental plant and a testing complex allow to solve different tasks for development and certification of the aircraft, to interact with the manufacturers of all Antonov aircrafts types.

The main subdivisions of SE "Antonov" are:

- experimental design Bureau on projecting, perspective and experimental researches, certification, support of serial production and operation;

- experimental production, whose main task is the manufacturing of experimental aircraft;

- flight test and development base, intended for carrying out the flight tests, aircrafts development and certification, and flight and technical staff training;

- the leading experts services on projects.

The SE "Antonov" structure also includes the air transport division – the National airline aircompany "Antonov Airlines" which delivers different cargoes worldwide, nd the branch - Antonov Serial Plant (formerly Aviant), where serial Antonov aircrafts production is established.

In may 2015, the Antonov company became part of the SC Ukroboronprom.

As of 2016, the company employs more than 13,500 employees, representing 198 professions and specialties, full staff of designers and scientists, working in 35 scientific directions including such a rare, as aircraft aerodynamics and strength, mechanics, hydraulics, heat engineering, avionics, material science.

The company  authorship team owns more than one hundred passenger, transport and specialized aircraft types and modifications, distributed in more than 22 thousand copies, including:

- multi-purpose aircraft Ан-2, the ancestor of a large "Aн"family;

- transport aircraft Ан-8, Ан-12, Ан-22 « Antaeus », Ан-26, Ан-32, Ан-72, Ан-74Т, Ан-124 і Ан-124-100 « Ruslan », Ан-225 «Mriya», Ан-70, Ан-3Т, Ан-178;

- passengeres Ан-10, Ан-14, Ан-24, Ан-140, Ан-148, Ан-158;

- cargo-passenger convertible aircrafts, Ан-28, Ан-38-100, Ан-38-200, Ан-74ТК-100 і Ан-74ТК-200, Ан-74ТК-300;

- specialized: agricultural Ан-2М і Ан-3, hydroairplane Ан-2В, plane for aerial photography Ан-30, meteorological airplane Ан-30М, forest fireі Ан-26П and Ан-32П, rescue aircraft Ан-26М, polar Ан-74 , patrol Ан-72П, distant radar detection airplane Ан-71 etc.

In addition, several types of gliders, hang-gliders, moto hang-gliders have been created.

     Special pride of aviation designers are cargo giants "Ruslan" and "Mriya", which are companies hallmark. These airplanes have won 270 world records. In total, Antonov aircrafts have set up more than 500 records.

      SE "Antonov" develops and builds a new aircraft prototypes and earlier created aircrafts modifications, provide operational support, performs engineering work to improve resource operated aircraft, flight and technical personnel training and retraining, directs highly qualified professionals to assist in the aircraft development and training of national personnel, provides on a Charter basis for international carriage of goods, including unstandard, and participates in international scientific cooperation in the aircrafts design and manufacture, has been creating ground vehicles.